Jasmine Green – Exquisite Blend of Chinese Green Tea and Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Green – Exquisite Blend of Chinese Green Tea and Jasmine Flowers

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Experience the delicate flavors and enticing aroma of this Fuzhou Jasmine tea, made from a blend of Chinese green tea and jasmine flowers. Perfect for social gatherings, this tea creates a soothing ambiance with its fragrant infusion.



Indulge in the exquisite taste of this Jasmine tea, a perfect blend of Chinese green tea and the fragrant scent of jasmine flowers. Sourced from Fuzhou, China, this tea has a strong base and a captivating aroma that fills the room, making it a delightful choice for any social gathering. With its pale green color and soothing properties, this Jasmine tea is a must-have for tea enthusiasts.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz


water temp 180°F (not boiling)
time 3 minutes
amount 2 grams tea per 8 ounces water
infusion method Jasmine tea is scented in the same artisanal way as Jasmine Pearls tea, Jasmine blooms are picked and mixed or layered with the harvested tea leaves and then removed after days of absorption.

Steep this tea with care to enjoy not only its aroma but its soothing flavor.

Though tea balls and strainers are often used for tea that isn’t pre-bagged, ideal methods of infusing loose leaf teas employ strainers that allow for the tea leaves to completely unfurl and release their flavor. Teapots with removable strainers for tea will allow a fuller flavor.

Some tea enthusiasts dispense with using strainers altogether and drop leaves in the pot directly and then strain the tea when serving into cups. When employing this method be sure to pour out all tea or remaining liquid will get bitter from over-steeping.

notes on tea strength The strength and flavor of tea is a personal experience.

We aim to provide times and temperatures that reduce the risk of allowing the actual tea leaves (or other delicate herbs in blends) to taste bitter due to too much steep time or to get scorched from too much heat.

If you desire a stronger cup, we suggest using more tea rather than a longer steep time to minimize the potential for a more bitter flavor.

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